Judy Thompson

Always a Texan | Starving artist | THANKFUL

I grew up in Texas and made the decision to be a Christian at a young age. I strayed very far from following Jesus in my teen and young adult years as I pursued a career as a graphic artist and longed for acceptance and purpose in my life. I knew that I was not headed in a good direction but was unable to free myself from the weight of my sin and hopelessness. Then I heard that Jesus was alive and loved me, and He wanted to forgive me of my sins and give me a life worth living. I gave my life to Him and accepted the total forgiveness that only Jesus can offer. I have been passionate about living for Him in the many years that have followed.

I am married to Forrest and we have lived in Kirkland, Washington since 1991. We have been gifted with four delightful children and one absolutely beautiful granddaughter: Owen, married to Beth, parents of sweet Abby; Rex, married to Lydia; Mollie, a graphic artist like me; and Cameron, a junior at the University of Washington.

This past year we received the unexpected surprise of having both of my aging parents move from Texas to Kirkland. Both have Alzheimer's Disease and need a lot of help and support. Having them nearby has brought both joy and a lot of work for our family, but we have seen how kind and gracious God is toward us. I am learning the importance of family in ways that I had never imagined!

I love Bible study and look forward to all that God will teach us in the year ahead.

Blessings to you!